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We swim with the friendliest giant mantas in the world, and go face to face with great white sharks. Read about our experiences, guest comments and more here at the Nautilus at Sea blog! Plus special editorials by Captain Mike.

2 great white sharks with divers in cage

Pedro, Nelson, Danielle & Ryan TOTALLY Rock!! We saw 2, 3 & 4 great white sharks just about each time we were in the H20 J

October 19, 2015 Written by

Pedro, Nelson, Danielle & Ryan TOTALLY Rock!! We saw 2, 3 & 4 great white sharks just about each time we were in the H20 J These dive masters worked so hard on every dive. That work paid off for all! The great white sharks came up to us so close and often, we were all pumped! So many great photos! No one wanted to get out of the cages. Thank you to everyone involved! Cannot wait ‘till the next time!



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  • Jennifer says:

    Your trip sounds awesome! I’m on my way there now and can’t wait! Did the divemasters give you the option of going on the upper deck, outside the cage? I really want to get up top. :-)

  • Diana Nautilus says:


    We are excited to have you onboard, I’m happy to help answer your question about diving outside the cages.

    No, you cannot go outside the cage but having said that our cages are designed differently than others. Our cages are double deckers, meaning you have the ability to go onto the top of the 2nd level of the cage to get a different view and different experience, this level is not as enclosed as the main level and gives you an opportunity to see the amazing creatures from a different perspective.

    The ability to go to the second level of the cage is solely up to Captain’s discretion while he takes weather, shark behaviour, etc. into consideration to ensure the safety of the divers.

    Have a great trip and we look forward to seeing your blogs and photos!
    – Happy Diving!

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