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Spotted 2 big male orcas and watched them get in real close to a couple of humpback whales and freak them out.

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Peter Schalkwijk-2573w

Had a beautiful transit over to Clarion, arrived at 1030 this morning to a great dolphin show on the bow.

Did a dive on the NE side where we had good diving my first time here. Was ok, some people had dolphins, for others it was a little quiet.  After one dive we started heading to the south for the navy inspection, had just got underway when we spotted two big male orcas just on our port side. So we ended up spending an hour following them around, ran alongside them for a while, watched them get in real close to a couple humpbacks and freak them out.

Just now anchored at navy base and awaiting inspection.

Captain Gordon

Quite a start for our stay in these marvelous islands. A manta played with us more than us with it

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Peter Schalkwijk-2204w

My first giant manta, and closer than ever. It truly seeked interaction. What an experience. -g

After a day of crossing during which the crew managed to keep us busy throughout the day (eating -very well-being part of it) we arrived in San Benedicto, welcomed by 2 pods of bottlenose dolphins and distant humpback whales splashing. During the second dive, a manta played with us more than us with it, enjoying its bubble bath during 20mn. During the last one, a hammerhead came to check us out. Quite a start for our stay in these marvelous islands.


The crossing was very peaceful and I slept like a baby. The two dives I made today were great, specially the second with the manta staying with us during most of our dive. Now its 7.30 and Im hungry  so, lets see what there is to eat.

Sylvia B.

Particularly today, a dream came true for me. I’ve never had such a magical experience

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

©joel ibarra

The last diving day on the Nautilus Explorer before we are going back to Cabos later this evening. It was an excellent dive trip which we would never forget! Particularly today, a dream came true for me. Sabrina, Max and me was on a whale snorkelling trip while the other guests were diving. We were so lucky  we had four very, very close encounters with the whales and its calves. I couldnt breath when I saw them so close to us!! I’ve never had such a magical experience so far thank you so much Max, I will never forget this moment!!

Finally, what can we say about the vessel and the whole crew?

Gordon our captain: very competent, professional and always smiling!

Max, the allrounder: a very nice, polite and helpful  young man with a big smile on his face!

Sandy, soon also a captain: also very cheer- and helpful, the best bartender so far and of course also very professional like all others!

Larry, the engineer: always a great sense of humour and actually the best mechanic all over the world!

Adolfo and Silvia, the hosts: very charming, always giving a hand and also very helpful. Just our angels: dont be shy!

Juan-Carlos, our chef: what a great food  we are going fat on this vessel and our wetsuit getting smaller and smaller.

And of course our dive guides: Juan and Nelson: both have an enormous acknowledgment. They have shown us really everything under water; both have also a great sense of humour and every time a helping hand. Thank you for all this awesome dives!! DONT GO BLUE!!

We will miss you guys and thank you for all you have done for us!

Ursula & Roger, the Swiss

21  03  2013

1.TG Boiler

Ausser den ueblichen Verdaechtigen konnten die meissten von uns eine ganze Zeit lang zwei Delfine beobachten.

Die beiden zeigten uns das nicht nur Katzen mit ihrem Essen spielen, wenn sie nicht hungrig sind. Erstaunlich war es zu sehen wie die Tiere jeweils einen Fisch aus dem Schwarm separierten und diesen dann, scheinbar gemuetlich vor sich her treibend, auch nicht verloren wenn er zurueck in den Schwarm schwamm.

Etwas spaeter stellten sich die 2 dann geduldig als Model zur Verfuegung.


Der Boiler verabschiedet uns heute leider ohne seine beruehmten, interaktiven Mantas praesentiert zu haben. Akustisch kamen wir aber heute alle noch einmal voll auf unsere Kosten!! Der Walgesang begleitete uns bei jedem Tauchgang.



SIESTA TIME gilt hier in Mexico auch fuer den UW-Staff ;-) .. ein paar Stachel- und Guitarrenrochen sowie einige Lobster

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

©maik nixdorf

Den ersten TG auslassend waren ein paar von uns schnorcheln, und wurden dabei absolut, von einer ca. 6 Tiere zaehlenden Gruppe Buckelwale und einigen Delfinen, fuer den verpassten TG entschaedigt ! ?

Diejenigen die sich fuer`s tauchen entschieden hatten, haben begeistert von einer Gruppe Delfinen erzaehlt, die sich 15  20 min bei Ihnen aufgehalten haben und sich in entspannter Spiellaune praesentierten …


2. TG Punta Tosca  11:00

Neben zahlreichen wircklich grossen Lobstern, einem kleinen Silberspitzenhai,einem Stachelrochen, einem Manta und einer kleineren Gruppe Hammerhaie ueber der Sandflaech e, schauten bei uns auch fuer einige Momente 4 Delfine vorbei und machten diesen TG zu einem schoenen Abschluss des Vormittags. ?


3. TG Punta Tosca  14:00

SIESTA  TIME gilt hier in Mexico auch fuer den UW-Staff ;-) .. ein paar Stachel- und Guitarrenrochen sowie einige Lobster, die fast alle groesser waren als der gesichtete WhiteTip, taten noch Dienst  alles andere nennenswerte hatte sich wohl in die Mittagspause verzogen …


4.TG Punta Tosca  17:00

Leider wieder schlechte Sicht  sehr milchig Eine grosse Schildkroete, ein kleiner Galapagoshai und diverse UeV`s koennen das Fazit ueber Socorro nicht aendern :

Viele Wale vom Boot aus aber leider bei den Tauchgaengen weit hinter den grossen Erwartungen zurueck geblieben. Ob es am Mond, oder an was auch immer gelegen hat ….


BOOM! Whales everywhere. A few dolphins were riding the whales bow wake. Yes there were enough of the whales together that they were creating a bow wake.

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

 © Joern Stahn diana eberhart4

This morning myself and four others, after observing several humpbacks cruising around the Nautilus Explorer, went out whale watching. We cruised towards the shore behind us at Punta Tosca searching for a few of the big guys we had seen flopping around on the surface. As we approached a group of three, they suddenly decided they were no longer interested in sticking around on the surface so they sounded and were gone. The whale watchers and I floated around for a few moments when a few more Humpbacks surfaced behind us. We turned and raced towards them but they too decided they had somewhere else to be. It was, to be honest, a little frustrating as there were whales EVERYWHERE but we just were not getting lucky enough to drop in the water with them for a quick snorkel. We decided to head towards the dive site and see if we could track down the huge group of the whales that we had seen earlier in the morning. This group of whales was 6 or 7 in total. I have never seen so many Humpbacks all swimming around together! It was like watching a small island plough through the water when they all came up for breaths together. Sure enough when we got close to the dive site, BOOM! Whales everywhere. They were cruising around just back and forth and I managed to sneak in beside them and the snorkelers jumped on in. They all got a good look at these massive creatures from the water and so did I from the skiff. A few cheers and hi fives later and we took off after them again, and again we got into the water with them! This time a few dolphins were riding the whales bow wake. Yes there were enough of the whales together that they were creating a bow wake. After that we decided it was enough and started heading back to the Nautilus. As we turned around and headed back, the whales turned too and we just had to go for it again! Third time in was the best. The snorkelers had to stop swimming and back up or they would have been ran over! 4 or 5 whales right in front of them and one dove right below them. They could have reached out and touched them! Woooo

Max AKA Baywatch

Estamos  teniendo una temporada estupenda con las ballenas jorobadas dando un show tanto en la suferficie como esnorke , grandes cardzmenes de peses varios tiburones martillos, silkis, galapagos , mantas, delfines en realidad de todo no mas nos falta el tibursn ballena pero lo bueno que el viaje no termina , regresamos a roca partida por el quinto dia en roca esperamos tener mas suerte que la que ya tenemos, muy buen viaje.


What else can I write about the dives at Roca Partida? Just: wow wow wow. It doesn’t exist, the right words to describe this stunning place.

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013


After 4 unforgettable days at Roca Partida we have arrived this morning at Socorro Island. What else can I write about the dives at Roca Partida? Just:  wow wow wow . It doesn’t exist, the right words to describe this stunning place. We saw really everything under water for example big schools of silver tips with its baby s, lots of big fat Galapogos sharks, many hammerheads with baby s, many inquisitive silkies, flowing mantas, white tip reef sharks everywhere around us and this all happens within a huge fish life! We definitely will never forget this marvelous diving place with its excellent visibility!

This morning we jumped in the water at Cabo Pierce. The visibility has changed to  a lower green but not too bad. Five dolphins played with each other and a manta cruised in the deeper water. But the best was definitely the sound of the whales around us. We actually couldn’t see but we could feel them because they were quite near to us and their voice gave us a good energy!

Don t be jealous   come and visit this wonderful diving place!

-Ursula & Roger

1.TG  07:30

Das beruehmte  Cabo Pierce praesentierte sich leider mit schlechter Sicht und relative wenigen Highlights …

Einigen gluecklichen begegnete fuer ein paar Augenblicke ein Manta oder ein Hammerhai. Auch wurden beim Auftauchen wohl kurz drei Delfine gesichtet …

Jedenfalls konnte der Spot seinem Ruf bei diesem TG in keinster Weise gerecht werden.

NATUR  –  was soll man machen …

2. TG  11:00

Die Sichtverhaeltnisse haben sich geringfuegig verbessert.

Zu Beginn war der Walgesang derart laut zu hoeren, dass man sich eigentlich sicher schien  sie muessen doch jeden Moment direkt vor uns erscheinen !!!


Auch die ueblichen Verdaechtigen koennen nicht darueber hinwegtroesten  von Weltklassetauchen kann heute bisher absolut keine Rede sein.


Dopo ben quattro   giorni in Roca Partida in compagnia degli sqali  ieri sera abbiamo proseguito per Socorro.

L isola e grande e abitata da soli militari che verranno a farci visita.

Abbiamo gia fatto  immersioni a Cabo Pierce lentrata  in acqua  e stata eccitante ,ci siamo dovuti aggrappare ad una corda e trascinare nei fondaali uno alla volta causa la forte corrente .

Arrivati sotto ci aspettavamo forti correnti mentre invece si e rivelata una piacevole immersione accompagnati da un suono profondo e pulito della balena che era nelle nostre vicinanze; purtoppo non labbiamo potuta vedere ma in conpenso sono arrivati circa 5  delfini a salutarci .

Nella seconda immersione improvisamente spunta una Manta meravigliosa a circa          18 metri che ci ha accompagnato fino a 5 metri  mostrandosi  cosi  sublime ed elegante nei suoi movimenti .

Sono state due immersioni indimenticabili quando sento la Balena cantare provo un energma cosi pulita che mi piacerebbe strasmattervi .

Sono felice di essere qui!!


3.TG  Cabo Pierce

Kurz und schmerzlos  –     3 : 0  fuer


Jetzt bleibt fuer Heute nur noch die Hoffnung auf das    Nachtschnorcheln mit den Seidenhaien

TOI   TOI   TOI  !!


60 Silky sharks together like a pack of wolves.

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

© Joern Stahn diana eberhart6

Here we are on a trip of 12 days it have been the best with the weather it is just like a lake we started our dive in San Benedicto it was awesome with a tiger shark just as we went down it stayed around for the whole dive and also hammerhead what away to start the trip . We headed to Roca Partida take advantage of the weather the whales just kept jumping and blowing under water they just sound so close . We started the morning right with the dolphins and sharks from all corner it was unbelievable mantas ,school jacks ,tuna ,and wahoo .we had to stay stayed for 4 days and every day it was even better shark city was out on the run I counted about 60 silkys together like a pack of wolfs . well I will keep you all posted on the way to Socorro so lets see what it have for us .


DM Juan

The second day on the Nautilus, or better, in divers heaven. And the most important adventure today was our quick snorkeling encounter with two whales and one baby! What a beautiful day!

Monday, March 18th, 2013

© Joern Stahn diana eberhart2

The second day on the  Nautilus, or better, in divers heaven. Yesterday, we had a big show above the water. I did not expect so many whales with its calves. They all jumped out of the water and playing around for hours. Nobody can really imagine the beauty of these animals, you have to see and enjoy this wonder by yourself!!! Not forget to mention, particularly for me, is the most incredible and unforgettable encounter so far at San Benedicto: a big, fat Tiger Shark cross my way. what a stunning and incredible animal!!

Today, we had a lot of action under water at Roca Partida, so we saw friendly dolphins, pacific mantas real giant ones, lots of beautiful and sophisticated silver tip sharks, white tip reef sharks, hammerheads, big Galapagos sharks and so on. Sometimes you could not see anything because of the huge fish soup all around at Roca Partdia.

And the most important adventure today was our quick snorkeling encounter with two whales and one baby!  What a beautiful day!



1.TG Roca Partida   07:15

Einstieg-Ost  => alles sofort da  Delfine  Weissspitzen – Silberspitzen  Hammerhaie  Galapagoshaie Dazu kommen riesige Schwaerme Tunas, Makrelen etc. Und am Ende des TGs sogar noch der Schatten eines Mantas …

Einmal waren mein Buddy Arnold und ich in einer gemischten Gruppe von ca. 50 Galapagos- Silberspitzen- und Bogenstirnhammerhaien und am Rande des Geschehens bewegten sich die Schemen weiterer Haie in nahezu nicht enden wollender Zahl . Einfach nur faszinierend !!

Leider muss ich auch bemerken das wir einen Galapagoshai mit Grossfischhaken im Maul gesehen haben und das sich viel Angelleine an der Nordspitze gesammelt hat …

Das heisst eindeutig das auch hier  der SCHUTZ der Tiere absolut nicht ausreichend greift !!!

Trotzdem –  Note an Michael : wir haben wirklich Glueck !!  SHARKY   SHARKY und noch mal SHARKY  ?


2.TG Roca Partida   10:30

Ein deutlich veraendertes Bild : viel weniger Schwarmfisch aber mindestens genauso viele Haie wie zuvor.

Negativ: Ein zweiter Galagagoshai mit Haken, an dem sich noch mindestens 10 meter Leine befinden, zeigt wie dringlich eine Verbesserung der Kontrollen in diesem Gebiet ist !!

Positiv: Diesmal fuer fast alle ein Manta, der auch ziemlich nahe kam.

Jetzt hoffen wir darauf dass die Walmutti und ihr Kalb, die sich in den letzten Wochen hier bestaunen liessen, noch nicht abgereist sind und sich bald zu uns gesellen.


Seconda giornata in Roca Partida,

E stata una giornata piena di grandi emozioni ,mi sono lasciata trascinare in un mondo eccezzionale cosi tanti squali assieme di diversi tipi e misure ENORMI .

La prima immersione ho provato tanto rispetto nei loro riguardi ti osservano senza darti alcun fastidio .

La secenda e terza immersione sono state molto rilassanti e sono riuscita a entrare in sintonma sembrava di essere in un cinema 3 D .


Ciliegina sulla torta snorkelling con le 3 Balene compreso Baby Lo so sembrera assurdo ma e tutto vero !!!

Non posso altro che consigliarvi di venire e fare vostra questa esperienza .


3.TG Roca Partida  14:00

Im Verhaeltnis zu den beiden ersten TG`s war die Action doch sehr gemaessigt.

Teilweise kuehlten Stroemungen aus der Tiefe das meisst 25 Grad warme Wasser regional bis auf 21 Grad ab  Angenehm ist anders …

Dafuer haben sich die Seidenhaie nun deutlicher gezeigt und zwar in kleinen Gruppen und ein einzelner als Escorte beim einsteigen ins Zodiac.

Ausserdem gab uns ein Manta wieder die Ehre.

Ein Schnorchelausflug brachte dann einigen von uns noch eine kurze Begegnung mit drei Buckelwalen  auch wenn es nur 30 Sekunden gewesen sind, wird das wohl keiner von uns je vergessen ?

4.TG Roca Partida  16:00

Wassertemperatur wieder gleichbleibend und wieder alles an Haien was wir uns nur wuenschen koennen  Galapagos-, Seiden-, Silberspitzen- und Hammerhaie …

Zusaetzlich zu den nun wieder anzutreffenden grossen Schwaermen, einigen wirklich grossen Tuna`s und einem Manta, machten die einmaligen Lichtverhaeltnisse diesen TG zu einem fantastischen Erlebniss.   *****


Wenn das Tauchen auf dieser Tour das haelt was die Ueberfahrt verspricht, dann wird dieser Trip sensationell !

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

© Joern Stahn diana eberhart3


Da wir aus technischen Gruenden erst Morgen auslaufen koennen nutzen wir die Zeit um in Cabo einen Tauchgang zu machen. Fazit  wir sind bei 20Grad nass geworden ….   *-



Wenn das Tauchen auf dieser Tour das haelt was die Ueberfahrt verspricht, dann wird dieser Trip sensationell ! Von einer grossen Gruppe Spinner Delfinen ueber grosse Tuemmler zu Pilotwalen und vielen Gruppen Buckelwalen (bis zu 6 Tiere) blieben hier nicht viele Wuensche offen ?



Beim erreichen von St. Benedicto gleich einmal erst die Ernuechterung :

Ein privates Fischerboot liegt bereits hier vor Anker  SCHUTZZONE ist wohl nur ein Wunschgedanke !!


Oggi primo giorno di immersione dopo una lunga attesa tra gli squali da me tanto temuti.

Non avrei mai immaginato di potermi sentiri cosi a mio agio tra gli squali martello squalo tigre e Silver tip e stato fenomenale .



Erster Tauchgang am CANYON

22 Grad  ordentlich Stroemung ABER : Hammerhaie  Silberspitzen in Gross und Klein  ein Tigerhai , und von Drachenkoepfen in allen Groessen,Tigermuraenen und diversen anderen Kleinigkeiten wollen wir hier gar nicht erst sprechen   ;-)   ***+



23 Grad  nahezu keine Stroemung

Wieder einige Silberspitzen und viel Fisch. An der Putzerstation wurde mir der Service auch zuteil ( Geruechte ueber eine moegliche Verwechslung moechte ich hier nicht bestaetigen ? ).

Der Hoehepunkt bei diesem TG lag fuer mich allerdings im akustischen Bereich  wir konnten sicher 20 min wunderschoenem Walgesang lauschen !


3.TG am Boiler

24 Grad  geradezu kuschelig, aber leider blieben die erhofften Mantas komplett aus (wahrscheinlich anderweitige Termine) Einige Glueckspilze haben einen Hammerhai gesehen. Ansonsten haben sich ein paar Weissspitzenriffhaie getummelt  Octopusse, kleine Bueffelkopfpapageienfische, Jacks, Makrelen, Fuesiliere, Lobster und die anderen ueblichen Verdaechtigen wurden reichlich gesichtet. Die konversation der Buckelwale, die man vom Boot aus oft zu sehen bekommt (UW noch keine Sichtung), war fast waehrend des gesammten TG`s hoerbar.


4.TG  am Boiler

Zuerst grosse Schwaerme Makrelen und die UV (ueblichen Verdaechtigen) sowie pausenlos die Stimmen der Buckelwale als Background …

… und dann war es wie immer  auf den letzten 65 Bar  2 Grosse Hammerhaie und doch noch ein Manta der alles andere als schuechtern war ? Super !


Der erste Tag neigt sich zu Ende auf dem Boot herrscht bezueglich Tauchen ein wenig Ernuechterung obwohl wir einen Tigerhai [fuer viele an Bord den ersten] gesehen haben, es wird sicher noch besser.

Uerber Wasser war dafuer der absolute Wahnsinn, man kam nicht mehr nach mit schauen wo die Buckelwale ueberall aus dem Wasser schossen, zum Teil wirklich nahe.



The most awesome sight I’ve seen underwater. Hammerheads, Galapagos and white tip sharks, schooling tuna and, of course, the whales each time.

Friday, March 8th, 2013

© Joern Stahn diana eberhart5

The most awesome sight I’ve seen underwater. Mama and baby humpback interacting with many divers. We were only 15 feet away from a two month old humpback showing off its new breaching skills between nursing trips with a very chilled out Mom. Its impossible to explain the once in a lifetime sights that you can see in the Socorros. Our day consisted of diving four and snorkelling three times, seeing Hammerheads, Galapagos and white tip sharks, schooling tuna and, of course, the whales each time. The crew is one of the most professional I’ve ever encountered, the food is delicious and plentiful and the cabins spacious.

Ken S.  San Diego, CA