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Guest Blog – Dec. 16/09

December 16, 2009 Written by

Aaron – Its 9am and on Wednesday I am usually on my second conference call with Taiwan from my office in NJ.  This time of year it is freezing cold, and dark when I leave for work and return home.  Instead, parked next to the beautiful San Benedicto Island, its 80 degrees with a nice southern breeze. Minutes later I find myself at 90 feet in 82 degree water watching Hammerhead Sharks swim by. Right behind them 3 Giant Mantas come swimming by hovering above and appearing to drink in the bubbles I exhale.  Back on deck I am greeted with fresh watermelon and cranberry juice from home.  Way better than my normal wednesday morning, can’t say I am waiting to get back anytime soon;  I am quite happy waking up on the Nautilus Explorer!

Sean – Dropped into the water for our last dive at San Benedicto Island expecting a quick dive.  It turned out to be the best dive of the six and that is saying something.  Coming up on the cleaning station I was greeted by a few Hammerhead Sharks coming out of the the canyon.  As I was searching for Manta Rays I was greeted by the sight of a small bus approaching which quickly emerged out of the gloom to be a large Whale Shark who I swam with for quite some time.  Just as it swam out of view a Chevron Manta appeared and right on his tail was a large Scalloped Hammerhead that made a close approach.  What a way to finish our time at San Benedicto.

Michelle – After an exciting dive on the Boiler (can you say suuuuuuuurge!)and some first aid, the day ended with a sunset trip in the dive skiff to the island of San Benedicto. The conditions were calm and the scenery so interesting, and beautiful. San Bendicto is a volcanic island with many wind-blown designs. The photo opps were many, and the artistic nature of the Captain made this a don’t-miss field-trip for photographers.



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