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Why we love diving the giant kelp forests of San Benitos Island and Baja California. Captain’s Log. October 14, 2010.

October 14, 2010 Written by
Most people associate diving Baja California with giant manta rays, schooling hammerhead sharks, whale sharks and the like.   I have to admit to being astonished at the vibrant kelp forests and pristine mix of panamic and temperate animals we discovered on our first dive exploration of San Benitos Island  off the coast of Mexico 6 years ago…  From everything I have heard of the “old days” of diving the California Channel Islands, I can only think it was like going back in time to the Channel Islands 30 years ago..   It might even be fair to say that San Benitos is the next level of kelp forest diving with virtually untouched reefs and macro life.
On my different dives on that first trip,  I had in-water encounters with sealions (Zalophus) and guadalupe fur seals.  I saw so many nudibranchs that it reminded of me diving back home in BC and Alaska.  I saw gorgonian coral and a surprising number of California Scorpionfish (Scorpaenaguttata).   It was a real thrill to see my first Bat Rays  (Muyliobatis californica) as well as lobster hiding in nooks and crannies.
I consider San Benitos to be one of the true gems of Mexico and am very happy to be able to share this unique diving experience with our guests..  Hope you enjoy the pic’s from our most recent trip there.
Captain Mike



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