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sea lion came in and bit a great white shark!! September 9th 2011 Guadalupe, Baja Mexico.

September 21, 2011 Written by

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As the sun rises next to Guadalupe island, the clouds sitting on the hill are turning a beautiful pink color. This is going to be another sunny day. The wind is warm. We are putting the cages in the water. We can hear the sea lions a  km away. The first team that went down in the submersible cages comeback with an amazed look on their faces. They saw 5 great white sharks. From the surface, we had the chance to see 2 sharks. One of them showed us his dorsal fin really well. The water is so clear we could see them coming. After I had a fresh fruit salad made with the best fruits in Mexico and an expresso coffee I am just ready to get in the water. My turn comes. As we are going down I see a sea lion to the surface, its diving down and coming back up teasing a great white shark. That shark is Shreeder, one of the sharks that we get the chance to see and we all like. He was named after his shredded dorsal fin. The dive is so good, we do not have enough time and one of the guests decides to stay for the next dive top get more of that fantastic show. 3 sharks are visiting us one after the other and one seems very interested as he is coming so close to the cage I can see deep in his eye. I love that look, that smile, that cruise they really are fantastic creatures. When I get out of the cage, the sun is about to get down and it is time to get ready for cocktail hour. What a good time to share our day and look at pictures.. That is just another great day in paradise..

Gen, dive master

Dive Master Darcy

I’ll just get right to it. First dive of the day 6 great white sharks need I say more? Yes! 4 of them were young sharks so they were coming in really close to check us out and then the big guys came in after.
Then the next dive we had a sea lion going after 3 sharks. It was getting closer and closer and then it bit one! One guest has a photo of it and its a cover shot for sure. We had stuffed peppers for lunch. They were so good I could not stop eating them. Now dinner is ready and smells great.

water temp 68
vis 110 feet
top side had a light wind that went well with the sun/heat all day

Dive Master Darcy



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