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Two days of 100 ft plus visibility, beautiful sunny weather, lots of white sharks, and the anchorage all to ourselves. Isla Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico

September 23, 2011 Written by

copyright 2011 Rob van de Louw

Just wrapped up two days of great cage diving with the mighty white sharks of Guadalupe. Two days of 100 ft plus visibility, beautiful sunny weather, lots of white sharks, and the anchorage all to ourselves. A brief visit from a Mexican Navy patrol vessel was our only encounter with another vessel for the two days of diving.The sharks were with us from breakfast time until the cages came out of the water for both days and we counted up to 6 different individual white sharks on a single dive in our submersible cages. We were visited by males and females, including a few juveniles of “only” around 3 m (10 ft).

Shredder, AKA Scar was one of our favorites who came to visit us. Today we were lucky enough to observe 3 non-predatory breaches near the Nautilus. Nobody is 100% sure of the reason for these breaches…to get rid of parasites, a show of dominance, or just for fun?? Regardless it’s always impressive to see a 15 ft white shark jumping clear of the water and landing with a huge splash.
Our upcoming expedition promises to be another great adventure including white shark diving at Guadalupe combined with kelp diving at both San Bonitos and the California Channel Islands.

Stay tuned…
Captain Gordon Kipp

Surface conditions: winds light, seas calm, skies clear, air temp 23-28C
Diving conditions: Visibility 100ft++, water temp 68F (20C), sharky

copyright 2011 Leif Herrmann

Guadalupe   09/10/2011

1Ft Away there where the great whites!
This trip was very exciting, Sharks where all over the place, last day of the trip we had 5 sharks at the same time and 8 different sharks in 1 single dive, one of this sharks was all mark on the pectoral fins and on the area of the dorsal fin, she was a female and by the type of scares she has been mating recently. Been able to observe all this different behaviors and just admiring the great white as close as 1 Ft. away from us is just hard to explain.

Bye for now Guadalupe



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