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We swim with the friendliest giant mantas in the world, and go face to face with great white sharks. Read about our experiences, guest comments and more here at the Nautilus at Sea blog! Plus special editorials by Captain Mike.

Having seen almost every shark documentary known to man, nothing can prepare you for the experience of a face to face confrontation with a great white shark. Guadalupe, Baja, October 2011

November 22, 2011 Written by

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Time seems to stand still as they lazily float by.  You forget their power until they suddenly drop fin and fly to the surface trying to steal a piece of fish from the rainbow runners.  They are massive creatures worthy of every single ounce of respect you can give them. I can’t wait until tomorrow!…
– Tina (Day 1)

Patiently you wait. The only sound is your regulator drawing in air and releasing your last breath. Before long you turn your head into the great blue and the faint glimpse of something gliding forward towards you catches your eye. Your pulse quickens to the realization you are seeing a Great White coming from the depths. As it draws closer you quickly focus on another and then a third, which way do we turn?  The answer is quite simple focus on the sheer beauty of one and enjoy, because what you are seeing is one of wildlife’s greatest wonders. We‚ve travelled the world to see Tigers, Gorillas, Grizzlies and Snow Leopards and hands down this is one of the greatest experiences we’ve had.
– Ed, Lisa, Joe & Paul (aka “Livebait”) (Day 2)

It was our second day seeing Great Whites today at Guadalupe Island and it was a fabulous. Things have started off in the right order which is always perfect, our first day yesterday had a couple of different sharks that stayed with us all day giving everyone their first sightings of whitey biteys. Today everything got better, more sharks and more action! How can you not love that? There were several sharks including one fairly perky‚ male. At one point we had one curious female who circled the small cage a few times, gently bumping it a few times and also taking a gentle nibble! All in all everyone was thrilled, without a doubt an unbelievable day! All our fingers are crossed that it gets even better tomorrow! Watch this space.
– DM, Belinda



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