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Today I discovered the wreck of an American LST that had been lost for 70 years. They should name it Tad’s wreck! Socorro, Mexico, May 15th, 2012.

May 15, 2012 Written by

Dived the U.S. navy LST today!! Definitely it!! Brought back pics. Lost for 66 years or so and now it’s found.



The trip so far has been amazing! I discovered an American LST (over 300 feet long) which was a military vessel that ran ashore in 1943? Stunning! Can’t say I’ve ever re-discovered a ship that has been forgotten for the last 70 years. Hope I can at least get a dive site named after me, Tad’s Wreck.

On the way back to the evening anchor, pulled in two wahu and one bonito! Hand line! Fresh fish makes everyone happy!! The reefs are untouched and gorgeous! Large schools of reef fish, jacks, and antheias. Macro life is not all that great, no big pelagics, no turtles, no big scholls of sharks this trip. That said, the stop at San Benidicto on the way here:  manta rays x4, hammerhead sharks x6, reef octopus, huge moray eels, and schools of bait fish that make you lose your sense of direction.

All that said, I do miss the one’s I love, and I hope you’re are all well. Sarah, LUB! Mom, love you too.



Tony is a great guy, really he is.

Saw yet another wreck on the first dive of the morning. Very old, overgrown with coral and almost unrecognizable.  I could make out the outline of part of a ship from above.  When I saw the remains of a staircase almost hidden beneath the coral I knew for sure it had at one time been a ship. Have no clue which one that was. Kept trying to get a good, face forward, picture of a Clipperton Angelfish.  Think I finally did it. For some reason, autofocus just doesn’t want to on their faces. Saw the first semi aggressive moray behavior today they seemed fairly normal the first few days compared to trips past. Today the eels seemed more like the legendary old crazy eels I’d had to dodge and evade on past trips to Clipperton. Anyway, 82 degree water rocks!!!!!!



Hard getting up this morning, diving non-stop certainly allows for good sleeping! Good dive this morning. Viz was down a bit, great fish, 1st snowflake moray, and a naso tang (my favorite)!

Lots of medical issues on this trip: a sprained ankle, a crushed big toe, hypovolemia, black urchin punctures, knife lacerations, and a moray eel bite! Told the captain he needs to put me on the payroll, or maybe a discounted trip next year. Today, the captain will make the decision to head back to the Revillagigedgo (sp) islands a day early. There has been some large swells over the last couple days, which is cause for some pause before heading back. Likely going to be a rough two days transit, uggghhh. Should be worth the trip, the one dive stop on the way here was one of the best dives I’ve done. Having 3 days there will be fantastic forsure. Not saying Clipperton hasn’t been amazing, just not much variability. After 5 days, pretty much been there, done that.

I miss my Sarah, and my crazy 4 legged girls at home! All is well, and will make every attempt to keep it that way! Sarah, can’t wait to see you in 6 days! LUB! Hi Momma, Hoey, Halley, Drew, Grif, and Lola! Love you all!!!



Great diving on Clipperton. Surge to deal with, but that can be fun once you figure it out. So much life to see. Tons of stuff all over the place. Only one dive where it was too difficult to make the dive enjoyable. Huge corals of all kinds.



24hrs into the transit from Clipperton to Roca Pardito. Think I’ve slept 16 of the 24. Been a bit of a rollercoaster trip! Lots of reading and eating, thank God Juan Carlos is a great chef! Thought I might lose a few pounds on this trip, doesn’t seem to be the case. Glad I’m not losing pounds over the gunnel of the ship! -note to future adventurers: bring scopalomine patches~!

Hi Sarah! Miss you! Can’t wait to spend a week at Casa Panter with you! Hope you’re getting excited. On second thought about the rental car, might be a good idea. If you find a good internet deal out of the airport, book it! I’ll call you again this Friday about the same time we spoke last week. Love ya!

Been a great trip, and certainly shaping up to finish out that way. Really excited to dive Roca Pardito and San Benidicto. Should be some great pelagics and shark activity! Trying to keep my expectations low and my optimism high!




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