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The Charcoal Black Coloured Giant Manta Swooped Inches Over our Head at San Benedicto Island. Socorro, Mexico. May 30, 2012.

May 30, 2012 Written by

Nautilus Explorer Dolphin Diving

How was it diving at the Boiler with the Mantas?!

It was great, we saw tons of wildlife on the walls of the Boiler and then the giant Mantas came into the picture. Amazing they would come right up to you make eye contact and then swoop right over your head. It was so cool! The currents changed during the days dives. The swells started at about 3 feet and then by the fourth dive the swells and currents were in the extreme. 2nd and third dives were the best but it was all beautiful. The water with its dark blue 60 foot plus visibility, it was a very good day.

Roberto (Fred)


Well, thanks to our hurricane/tropical storm we finally arrived out here to St. Benedicto (We will say that the trip up the sea of Cortez was worth it to play with the sea lions, one of us got a good warning bark from one of the males). We did 4 dives today. The first dive of the morning somebody saw a fleeting dolphin that unfortunately never came back for the day, but the rest of that dive was pretty good. We got a good layout of The Boiler and saw a lot of green morays, lobster, and some very big octopus. The rest of the dives it was just mantas!! One dive, 3 mantas came and just played with us. They are beautiful creatures, very graceful. Every one of us got very up close and personal with the mantas as they swooped inches over our heads. One of them was mostly dark charcoal black and he got more and more friendly every dive. So the last 3 dives of the day we were accompanied by these beautiful creatures. The current was a little strong on the last dive but the side of the boiler provided us protection. We just at some chichcabob for dinner and now are getting ready for our days out at our next dive site. We are looking forward to more great experiences!!!

The Young Family


Nautilus Explorer Liveaboard Celebration

Enpesamos en mar de cortez por la tormenta la cual fue una buena desicion por el capital AL. y no estubo mal bucear con algunos lobos marinos en la reina en la area de cerralvo serca de la paz ya despues de ese dia nos fuimos para revillagigedos a la isla san benedicto y Bueno de Nuevo en el boiler y muy Buenos buceos el primer buceo nos toco ver algunos unos delfines y por supuesto mantas en el segundo,tercero y cuarto buceo los clientes contenticimos para algunos era la primera vez que las miraban lo cual fue muy emocionante para todos en realidad.. exelente dia JJJJ

atte: DM. NELSON



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