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A school of 100 silky sharks can cruising down the wall at Roca Partida – wrapping with a cold beer in the hot tub. Socorro, Mexico. June 24, 2012

June 24, 2012 Written by

Roca Partida in June seems to take on a whole new life. Any time of the season Roca Partida is always one of our best dive spots and always our best site for big pelagics. At this time of the year however it comes alive like no other. Huge schools of sharks seem to be everywhere. A school of around 100 silkies cruising the wall, or a smaller school of 30 or so mixed between silky sharks, silver-tips and galapagos seeming to be everywhere at once. Maybe it’s a just a more widely spread school of 80 or 100 animals? Yellow-fin tuna by the hundreds cruising near the surface, most of them larger than the silkies schooling alongside them. Dozens of wahoo and as always huge schools of various species of jacks and other fish. If that’s not enough how about the Giant Pacific Manta cruising alongside you, slowly, seemingly with no other place to be. It’s nice to see the mantas back at Roca Partida. Well, that was our day today, wrapping it up with a cold beer in the hot tub. Tomorrow will be another day at Roca Partida with the possibilities wide open…a whale shark? hammerheads? dolphins?

We’ll let you know!

Captain Gordon Kipp

Diving conditions: water temp 21-22C, viz 80ft, current moderate to strong

Surface conditions: air temp 28C, clear skies, light wind



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