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Our first day out of the cages was so good!! stunning. Guadalupe. September 26, 2012

September 26, 2012 Written by

Like days before just now at san benitos island getting face to face with playfull curious sea lions and founding amazing paths between sea kelp forest and great chances for shooting awesome photos with different angles of light plus electric lights, octopus, sea stars, sea cucumbers caw nose rays in a sunny day, warm waters J.J. DM

After the amazing experience with the cages and the Great White Sharks we were keen to know how is diving at the San Benitos Islands. The first expression from today is that the kelp provides a stunning atmosphere with constantly changing light situations and beautiful surroundings. You can also get lost easily because the kelp looks very similar around the corner, but thanks to the fantastic crew they`ll pick you up within minutes with the zodiac. You can`t mention the fact often enough: the crew is doing a fantastic job and is working very hard to keep the guests even happier as they are anyway. Everything is perfectly organized. Especially the captain`s briefings every evening are very kind and informative. Thanks again to the brilliant crew of the Nautilus Explorer. J Tobias F. (Germany)

Captain Log

During the Guadalupe season there are a few special trips each year. This is one such trip, a combo trip of Cage diving with the White Sharks at Guadalupe and regular scuba when we venture further south along the Pacific Baja coast. Here we dive the thick, rich Kelp forests at Isla San Benito, which is really three main island and a bunch of rock piles. The luxury of these trips is you set the itinerary¬† based on group interests, weather and other factors. The result is this trip we stayed at Guadalupe and dove for four days with the White Sharks and as you can see from the guest blogs that was a great four days. After an overnight run last night, we arrived this moring to a lovely sunny day.The diving was great and we were pleasantly surprised by the water temp at 25 C, vis was a little reduced from our normal 100′ checking in at 50-60′. Will check in tomorrow and let you know how our day was at the Enchanted Forest.
Al Spilde Captain



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