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Today I had the pleasure of being reminded of two things- how amazing the marine world is, and how exciting Roca Partida can be. Divemaster blog

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In 30 years of scuba, with nearly 15,000 hours logged underwater in 20 years of diving professionally, I guess it‚s only inevitable that sometimes I lose sight of just why I first answered the Siren‚s call, why I first took the plunge beneath the waves. Days like today help me keep going¸ energizing me¸ inspiring me. Endless schools of fish, giant yellowfin tuna pre-spawning behavior, even a few manta ray fly bys, and sharks. Yes, the deep, dark waters circling the desolate Roca have been plenty sharky for the last few days. All the usual „residents‰ are here- whitetips in their condos, silvertips patrolling off the rock at about 100 feet, muscular Galapagos sharks snaking along the wall‚s contours, golden, sleek silkies up close to the surface. And, lucky for us, whale sharks. We’ve seen at least two different juveniles on a number of dives over a couple of days. Today’s encounter on the first dive prompted this email. I was waiting along the wall in an eddy on the north end, hoping the 12 footer with its black jack entourage would complete a circuit of the rock after leaving us in the dust. And it did, with jacks in tow. But what stopped me cold was that the whale shark had picked up some other friends. Dolphins! A half dozen bottlenose were riding in its slipstream. Something I had never seen before. Roca delivers again! The Rock is certainly one of the world`s top big critter dives.

Son solo tres días consecutivos  en roca partida y nos hemos  encontrado con el Tiburón ballena ..los buceos han sido increíbles hoy en la mañana en el primer buceo entrando al agua unos 8 delfines con el tiburón ballena  como a unos 18 mts. De profundidad..  unos cardúmenes de peces y algunos atunes que se ven como roca partida tiene tanta variedad de vida  que actúan de una forma mágica que realmente es un oasis en  medio de  la nada  .. no cabe duda roca es el mejor lugar de en Revillagigedo





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