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Second degree burns received while studying the volcano at Mt. Everman on Socorro Island. We help with the medevac.

May 21, 2014 Written by


We are anchored at Roca Partida. The sun is shining and there is a 10 knot breeze from the North that is keeping us cool when we are out on the decks of the Nautilus Explorer.

We arrived this morning and dropped the anchor just to the NW of the rock so that when we settled back on the anchor chain we were close enough to see the Boobies and frigate birds go about their busy day. It always fascinates me to watch the Frigate birds wait until the boobies return from a day of fishing and then like the true pirates they are, dive down and attack the Boobies, making them vomit up their catch. The race is then on between the Frigate birds and the reef fish that have been watching the battle. Whoever gets to the Booby vomit first has an easy snack.

Last trip we had a real reminder of the volcanic nature of these Islands. We were asked to divert down to Socorro Island  to pick up an injured park ranger and transport him home. He had been monitoring the volcanic activity on Socorro when he stepped on a rock in a boiling mud pond and the rock split. He had second degree burns and needed medical evac soonest.  These Islands are so unique, in their geological make up and their plants and animals. The park ranger has the pleasure of studying the islands above the water and below. There is a project going on right now to re-introduce a species of bird that was eradicated from Socorro and control the non indigenous species. He was telling me that wherever they walk on the island, the birds and small animals will follow them out of curiosity without any fear.

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