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The next 55 minutes was non-stop manta action with one, two, three, and even four mantas playing with the divers from start to finish.

January 25, 2015 Written by Multiple Authors


Agora sim a propaganda se confirmou! Golfinhos, tubaroes martelo, tubarao baleia e ate uma manta para “atrapalhar” o show! Primeiro mergulho em Roca Partida fantastico!
Ricardo Fernandes Brazil


2nd day of diving was great.  Jump in and dive down under a huge arch and see white tips in a cave at 100ft than turn around and see two mantas circling you for 20 minutes was amazing.  In the afternoon moved to a new dive site, jump in and what do you hear, Whale calls!  Simply amazing to hear!  Ending the day jumping into the black water at night was fantastic.  Dropping down and only seeing only your light beam or your buddies.  Drop to 90ft look up and see the flood lights on the surface from the boat.  After only 2 days of diving it is hard to imagine how it could get better!……  Paul Y USA

3rd day of diving at Rocha O’Neil it seemed like we back-rolled out of the Zodiac right on top of a manta.  The next 55 minutes was non-stop manta action with one, two, three, and even four mantas playing with the divers from start to finish.  I made eye contact with one, and I do believe that he/she came back to me several times.  The no touch rules don’t seem to be taught to the mantas as they come within arms reach over and over.  I came to the Socorro Islands in particular to see the mantas, and they have not disappointed!  Paul T. USA

Waking up to an amazing sunrise have a quick pre-breakfast, suit up and hit the Skiffs…off to the dive site we go.  Get the countdown, 3, 2, 1 and roll in.  As soon as I look I see a manta right there waiting for us!  Head down the line and start looking around the rock features and what do I see, an Octo hidden in the rocks.  It’s a little Octo not a GPO from the Northwest but an Octo none the less.  Continue on the dive down the “finger” and look to the side and see a pod of dolphins dancing and playing.  Could even hear them “talking”.  Head back to the line and decide to take my time up from the bottom and watch for more life.  The long time from bottom to top  rewarded me with more Manta and Dolphin sightings.  This was just the first dive, and there are 3 more left for the day!  Can’t wait to see what else we will see!  Time to find the Hammerheads!…….Quick update…I have not been able to see any hammerheads as of yet, but on the 3rd dive there was not just 1 or 2 dolphins….but 6 swimming all around us from 70ft to 40ft.  Talk about an amazing dive….most of the people got to see it and you can hear the cheers as each person is getting back on the boat!!!!!    Paul Y USA



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