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It’s one of the greatest occasion you have to see how wonderful our planet can be

March 10, 2015 Written by

We asked our guests, “How is the boiler with the mantas, dolphins and whales??” and here is part 1 of  their responses.

The first two dives were great with mantas, dolphins, etc., but the third dive was incredible! Besides the mantas, dolphins, and schooling
fish, we had a whale symphony, one whale doing a cello number and another chiming in with oboe. Have never heard anything so awe-inspiring.
– Jeanne

The best liver board ever! Thank you Crew of the Nautilus Explorer! Ein unvergessliches Erlebnis, absuluter Wahnsinn hier erlebte ich alles was ich mir von diesen Tripp erwartet habe. Klar gehoert dazu etwas Glück aber viel liegt auch den Dive masters. Das Essen ein Traum super lecker, immer frisch und sehr abwechslungsreich. Eat sleep and dive with a lot of fun. Der Wirlpool nach dem Tauchen ist der Hammer. The Crew is very very friendly and highly professional. The best Dive trip ever, thank you so much. My highlights was snorkeling with two humpbacks and diving in the middle of a school of hammerheads. Manta is always guaranty.
– Helmut 🙂

Here we go ! The Boiler ! The most incredible place I ever dive. Mantas festival, Dolphins, Jacks schools, wales’ songs so loud (sometimes, I felt them vibration directly in the body), and the mantas again… I have to say that I loved to see all other in habitants of the Boioler ; all the animals wich are living in. And all of that on every dives !
And what can I about my snorkeling alone with this whale and her baby

If I can say one thing to everybody : Just come to live that experience ! It’s one of the greatest occasion you have to see how wonderful our planet can be. If we want to know it.
– Simon

We couldn’t agree more, Jeanne, Helmut and Simon!!



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