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Whale shark swimming by at Roca partida

The dive you sit out could be the day you encounter a Whale Shark

June 30, 2015 Written by

All divers should know, the one you sit out could be the best dive of the week. With Divemasters Nelson, Enrique, and Ben in the water I was topside driving a skiff for dive 3 at Roca. The first divers came up yelling something no Divemaster wants to hear when not being in on a dive, Whale Shark… First at the Boiler last week and now out here, it never gets old having them steal the spot light from everything else during a dive for us.  One by one they made their way up onto the skiff talking about the 30 foot giant doing a couple laps past all of them on the west wall.  Glad we had divers in the water for its visit around the rock. Some great videos have been getting shared back on board all day. Good to see the White Tip Sharks, Silkie Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks of Roca have a big cousin back out here.


After more than 12 years with this company, I still love to come out on the back deck after a dive and ask the divers “how was it?!” I still get excited to hear their stories. Even though I am not a diver, I never miss a chance to snorkel in the Revillagigedos.  I can’t wait to start the Great White Shark season in Guadalupe!’



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