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Great White Shark WIth three divers in a cage at Guadalupe Island

Excellent visibility and lots of great white sharks including Cici

September 6, 2015 Written by

It’s good to finally be back in the submersible cages at Guadalupe Island. We Nautilus DM’s definitely have one of the more extreme jobs in the diving world. After all we are lowering our selves down to the oceans apex predator and its environment all while watching that everything with the cages is running smoothly, all limbs are staying behind the bars, and of course the backs of ourselves and the other DM’s across from us running the other cages just to be safe. Although that being said most divers are always surprised by the calm behaviour of the Great Whites as they curiously glide by. Unlike how they are mostly portrayed on TV and the movies these animals slowly make their way around us conserving energy while checking us bubble makers out of curiosity. Showing our guests this every trip out here is one of the perks of the job. The action out here on the Nautilus Belle Amie has been impressive to start 2015 off. Multiple males averaging between 12 and 14 feet in length have been showing up throughout the last couple days. The largest of the bunch (believed to be named Cici) has been showing his smile reallllll close for the divers. With our 3 new submersibles on the Belle Amie, plenty of good shots have come from them.

It’s shaping up to be a big season for us out here, stayed tuned.

DM Jesse

great white sharks with divers at Guadalupe Island

Our last day at Guadalupe, the best day of all, excellent visibility and lots of sharks including Cici, one of the best dives of my life…

DM Peter C.



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