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looking up at a great white shark from below

The bigger the great white shark, the more room or repesct he/she is given by the others.

September 15, 2015 Written by

We had pulled anchor at Guadalupe Island and moved a few hundred metres from our initial spot overnight in order to avoid some suspected overnight wind… The sky was devoid of any cloud for the first time in our visit and the visiblity was EVEN GREATER than it had been on the first 2 days…

First submersible dive for me was at 10:15am and it was instant great white shark interaction heaven… 7 sharks all interacting… It was almost impossible to choose which one to watch!! One of our main guests today was “Bruce” or “Zapata” – a particularly “friendly” 4m+ Male Great White Shark who constantly zoomed back and forth between the deeper cages literally all day… There were at least 20 passes where “Bruce” brushed past the submersible cages… He seemed to be most curious about the “2-legged baits” inside the cages and was just as interested in us as were were in him… A magnificent ambassador for the area…

I defy any Human Being who has a love for the natural world and fish, mammals and animals of all kinds to NOT be blown away by this experience… I am constantly horrifed by the way Ignorant media reports have classified Great Whites in particular and Sharks in general as cold-blooded killers… Nothing could be further from the truth… They are extremely cautious and methodical in their approaches and movements… The interaction amongst the sharks themselves is a hierarchial ballet… The bigger the shark, the more room or repesct he/she is given by the others.

I can honestly say that it won’t be nearly as long as another 49 years before I return to this place and visit my new finned friends… Thank You só much to the entire Nautilus Explorer family for allowing me this opportunity… The boat is great, the crew are wonderful and helpful and just genuinely good people…

It has most definitely been everything I had hoped and dreamed it would be as #1 on my Bucket List…



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This post was written by Spanky McKechnie ~ 30 year diver and lifelong fan of Great White Sharks


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