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great white shark with divers

From the accommodations, to the staff, and the great white sharks, my experience on the Nautilus Belle Amie could not have been better.

September 22, 2015 Written by

I ended up coming on this Guadalupe Island diving with the Great White Sharks trip at the very last minute, with little time to think about what adventure awaited me or get excited about getting in the water with great white sharks. After a hurried and delayed flight to San Diego, I joined the DUI group and we trekked to Ensenada to embark on the Nautilus Belle Amie.

Walking into the lounge I was stunned by the elegance of the room, clean lines with neutral greys and natural wood. Throughout the Belle Amie, this décor that communicates calm pervades. Rooms are well beyond any expectation I’ve ever had of a live aboard with plush pillows, down comforters, and ample space.

The furnishings, however, are not what make the Belle Amie special; its charm comes from the staff itself, from Captain to crew, every single individual on this boat is willing and happy to accommodate both your needs and wants. Laurentina’s smile and laugh are infectious; Wanda is always willing to lend a hand and a smile. The new chef, Marco, fills the boat with smells of fresh bread and serves feasts at every meal.

The staff and amenities on the Belle Amie are so wonderful one could almost forget that you aren’t here for the boat, but for the sharks. Oh the sharks…..there are three deep-water cages and two surface cages, one at ten feet. Schedules are set so that you can find yourself spending time in a deep cage up to five times a day, with nearly unlimited time in either surface cage. The dive masters are friendly, fun and dedicated to providing guests with close-up shark encounters.

group photo of the Nautilus Belle Amie great white shark trip

And the sharks… I knew I’d see them. I knew it would be great. What I didn’t realize was how much time and how close I’d get to be to these magnificent creatures. After three days of diving, you begin to recognize the sharks and start to understand the ways they interact with humans, and each other. Diving with great white sharks is an awesome and incredible experience, one that will change the way you perceive these magnificent creatures, and one you should not miss.

From the accommodations, to the staff, and the great white sharks, my experience on the Belle Amie could not have been better. Thank you so much to every member of the staff for making my trip one that I will never forget.

My time here has been truly magic.



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