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Sten Onboard The Nautilus Belle Amie Diving With Great White Shark

I’m writing on the way out to Guadalupe, calm seas and blue sky…. Reflecting back to the days when we first started out at Guadalupe Island in 2007

September 26, 2015 Written by

Its been almost 5 years since I was working in Guadelupe Island with great white sharks. Now I have been back done 4 trips and I really noticed I really missed the Island of Guadelupe and the sharks.
Ive get a bit nostalgic to see sharks I recognize from when I started with great white sharks on the Nautilus Explorer 2007.

I remember when we got the first submersible cage and I was a guinea pig on the first ride, it was not really perfect in the start…… But we modified and it was an success. So we got it working, then Captain Mike Lever who never rests on new ideas came with the idea of making a mega submersible, welding two surface cages together and make a 4 divers cage it was not perfect in the start either…but again we modified it and got it working nicely. Then we got the semi deep cage and so on developed our cage system.

Today on the Belle Amie we have taken all the experiences and got some stainless steel cages thet are so stabile solid and simple that they are what I would call the Rolls Royce of shark cages.

The Belle Amie is not a boat its a ship, Making it was an crazy stressful but really a fun time for me participating the last 7 weeks before we got it on the water. Now a few months later it really have get in to place. And getting together. It is quiet and rides very well in even high seas. I must really say I really like this ship and being out with it again with a great crew taking care of not only our guests but also about each others.

Last trip we had two very interesting sightings a very small male great white shark at around 7-8 ft, cruising at the surface, darting away when the bigger boys came to close . And one shark male that had something like a tumor on its head at a size of almost a half a football, Cancer? Aren’t sharks suppose not to get cancer?

Writing on the way out to Guadalupe, calm seas and blue sky. Tomorrow we set the cages in the water again!



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This post was written by Sten "Vikingo" Johansson

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  • Philip Pangilinan says:

    Hey Sten, remember me? I was at the socorro island trip last April 4. I will be back on the Belle Amie again for the Great White Shark trip on Nov 8. Are you gonna be one of the crew? Looking forward to reunite with the other crew members on the Belle Amie.

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