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Greetings from sunny Cedros Island

October 4, 2015 Written by

Today is day 8 of a ten day trip with some very happy Germans, Austrians, and Swiss aboard. We woke up to the rugged island of Cedros, some 100 miles from Guadalupe Island. The island is rarely visited and only a few fishermen families live there full time.

seals and sea lions

We came here for the sea lions and elephant seals. They are everywhere: on the rocks and beaches. Their bellows fill the air as the sea lions bark at one another for play and who knows what else. Our dives were in shallow water, not far from the beach where nearly a hundred sea lions and a few elephant seals made their home.

seal playing in the kelp

The water was so clear and fortunately not too cold at 70 degrees F {21 C}. There was beautiful palm kelp everywhere and sea grass was also prolific. The sea lions were in full effect from the get go and were zipping around us the entire dive. We were getting dizzy from all the action.

My group made our way closer to the beach and got a better look at all the sea lions resting on the rocks. It turns out sea lions pup around June so most of these guys are just a few months old and looking for a little playtime. We were too! Our divers had an open pool and got in to play with these eager pups till we could dive no more. What an amazing placeā€¦.

Until Next Time.

seals and sea lions playing



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