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The manta interaction with the divers is something unbelievable!

May 15, 2016 Written by

What a great adventure has been the last two days of diving in Socorro Island. Cabo Pearce in San Benedicto give to us such a great time with the Pacific Manta (Manta birostris). The behave of the Black Mantas and Chevron Mantas was incredible; they come around the cleaning stations and specially close to the divers. This experience is unique, the topography of the lava flow and the manta interaction with the divers  is something  unbelievable. Is something you only can live here at Socorro.


After one day of a great dives in San Benedicto we move to Roca Partida; the divers specs the best of this unbelievable place and Roca Partida has been showing this amazing tribute of sea life. In the morning dives a tribe of dolphins come and give a sweet hello to the divers, the dolphins stay around them and make sound, visual and body communications, we just get stone with the size and the behave of this marine mammals. We was thinking that this was all a beautiful morning dive with dolphins but as soon the dolphins say good bye and with a perfect synchronization the Mantas show up and start to dance in the water sky.


Later in the evening we observe the natural way of the tree of life, magnificent Tunas hunting around Roca Partida and a lot of Manta activity. I don’t have enough words to describe this dive but this evening we have one of the dives for life. I believe that Socorro Island is one of the most amazing dive sites in this underwater planet.


I wish all the divers can come an enjoy us, then all the divers will be  witnesses of this bloom of Marine Life.


Socorro is unique !!!!



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