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Yellow tail surgeon in the sea of cortez

The Lonely Rock: “La Reyna”

June 28, 2017 Written by

Sam says, “Don’t pass on the second dive…You might regret it.”
Thanks to Sam, I went for the dive and had an amazing time.

– Laura, Florida

La Reyna

With bad weather around the cape last night, we decided to come up into the Sea of Cortez until it settled down a bit. Our first and only stop was the lonely rock “La Reyna”. La Reyna itself is about 50 meters long, 20 wide, and surrounded by a perfect “checkout” dive site. After sorting everyone’s weights in the lee of the guano-splattered rock, we descended down into the pleasant 25 degree water. Visibility was the nicest I have seen the Sea of Cortez so far this contract with an amazing 15 meters…but you don’t need good viz to spot all the macro life the site has to offer.

Second dive was better than the first. Loads of schooling Yellow Tail Surgeon fish surrounded us as we dropped down for another great dive. More nudies, morays, and a sea lion even came in to check us out.
We’re all hoping the weather window stays open just long enough for us to sneak through on our way to the Archipelago Revillagigedo.

Last trip of the season so hoping for a good one!!!

– DM Sam Brakenridge, New Zealand



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This post was written by Guest Laura & Divemaster Sam

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