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Early season for female great whites?

September 9, 2017 Written by

After the first day of the trip, I was absolutely blown away by the shark action and the crew. Day 2 and 3 were no exception. Everything was wonderful from when the cages opened at 6:30 until we went to bed. Getting food and drinks served to us on the deck, so that we didn’t have to miss any of the action above and below water was so fantastic. I really appreciate that the crew was always to willing to help out and they were always continuing to ask us if everything was okay. They went above and beyond to make sure that we always had everything that we needed and they did it with smiles on their faces and continued to make me laugh throughout the day.

The white shark action on day two was out of this world!!! We had sharks all day, and on average we had 3-4 sharks swimming around the cages at any given time, with a grand total of 6 different sharks at the same time. We also had 3 different females join us on day 2 as well, which was extremely exciting because it is very early in the season for them and I’m stoked that we got to see both males and females. We also had some juveniles swimming around as well. For me, I loved seeing how the dynamic of the shark behavior changed as more sharks were introduced into the equation.

On day 3, we didn’t have as much time in the cages because we had to leave to start back to port, but we still had a lot of shark action in the morning and early afternoon. From what I observed, we had eight individual sharks come to swim around the cages. It was awesome to witness shark hunting behavior the last day. They would come right up for the bottom and come straight at the bait. There was a lot of sweet breaching action at the surface and close cage encounters because of this. Absolutely fantastic days out on the water! Thank you all for such an incredible adventure!

– Elena “Katie” Kozma



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