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October 6, 2017 Written by

What an incredible experience and first day.

It started this early morning, when we woke up hearing the crane putting the cages into the water at around 6.30 am. At 7.30 am already, we were for the first time in the water, and until dinner time, we barely left the cages. Although the food is incredibly good on this trip, we skipped lunch to stay down in the water with the sharks! Our in water time today, about 6 hours, it was sooo good! No idea how many white sharks we saw today, and different ones too, as we lost count.

Being divers, before we arrived and started the trip, we actually were a little skeptical if we could enjoy on a similar level like a normal diving trip, a diving experience where being confined to a cage and not being able to move around freely while diving. Boy, we learned a lesson, what a humble experience, what gracious, powerful, perfect and beautiful animals the white sharks are. Being in a cage, not a problem, and some recommend it here haha. Well of course there is no way to leave the cage, as its not allowed, but to be frank, despite the cages we felt if we would have been able and allowed to dive with the sharks freely, it would have been ok. Although, to be honest, not sure if we would have really tried that and done that, if opportunity given (lol).

But seriously… this trip is an opportunity to meet the worlds largest sharks face to face, to get to know the animal. An extraordinary, once in a lifetime experience. Besides the nature experience, which is first class, the whole treatment on board by the crew and team, is first class as well. Everyone is excellent, from cook to divemasters, crew and captains, host, etc etc. Well if after this first day we would start steering back to Ensenada tomorrow, this trip would have already been fulfilled and 200% worthwhile. Luckily, we still have 2 more shark diving days to go!

-Markus & Tina,



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