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Day 2 – It gets even better?

December 21, 2017 Written by

Today was one of those diving days where you continually just ask yourself: does it get any better?

We started our second day of diving waking up to beautifully calm conditions at Isla Socorro’s Cabo Pearce. We set out from the Nautilus Explorer in our skiffs and rolled in to beautiful blue water, great visibility, 26C temperature and no current. Within seconds, we had our first manta sighting. Within minutes, we were surrounded by three charismatic giants – two large females and one smaller male chevron – mesmerised as they swam close circles among us and with each other. If we already didn’t know which way to look, the ocean threw in some playful dolphins into the party as well. Does it get any better than mantas and dolphins before breakfast?

Throughout the day we continued to enjoy great conditions and even more incredible marine life interactions. Why do a 3 minute safety stop when you can have a 20 minute safety stop in the blue with a 5m wide female manta ray somersaulting around you and a school of bonito cruising by? To end an epic day, we celebrated on the top deck of the Explorer with another amazing taco night by chef Enrique. Tacos under a full moon while watching silky sharks around the boat…

Gracias Socorro for an excellente day 2!

– Divemaster Maya



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