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Dive 4: Return of Gertrude

January 4, 2018 Written by

And what a start to the day…13 dolphins swam close by to say “Welcome to Socorro”. Dive two…the meeting with “Gertrude”, a very large Manta ray. A fellow team member decided her name would be Gertrude. For 25 minutes, this friendly giant stayed and played. What an incredible first encounter. Thanks Pato for finding her and encouraging her to stay. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. There were giant Moray eels and Spotted eels. Gigantic Black Jacks everywhere, white tip and silver tip sharks popping in for a visit and one fairly shy hammerhead stopped by for a brief visit before disappearing into the abyss…Dive 4 finished with a return of Gertrude to play one last time before we set sail for the island of Socorro. It was a truly memorable and remarkable first day.

– Jennifer Goodhand and Francois Mille

At least 4 different Mantas on one dive at Cabo Pearce (black and chevron), they were extremely friendly and stayed around for ages, a couple of them seemed to not only look at you curiously but look through your physical presence to your very soul, special and super cool. We also got a cheeky Galapagos Shark which was nice! The Silky snorkel was just the best what more can I say, at least 10 different animals up close and personal I didn’t want to get out WOW, WOW and WOW again!!!

– Julian Dale-Hutchinson and Chris Taylor



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