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Luxurious, stabilized modern boats built to SOLAS standards

We swim with the friendliest giant mantas in the world, and go face to face with great white sharks. Read about our experiences, guest comments and more here at the Nautilus at Sea blog! Plus special editorials by Captain Mike.

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Kermode bear on the beach

Location: Wreck of the Transpac, Butedale, central coast of British Columbia We missed a Kermode bear on the beach at Butedale by 5 minutes this morning. ... Read More »

July 23, 2008 Written by

Duck F*rts…

Location: Inian Island, Elfin Cove, Icy Strait, southeast Alaska. I always try to maintain the best of taste in my Captain Log entries.  No cussing. ... Read More »

July 19, 2008 Written by

Incredibly cute sea otters

Location: Inian Island, Icy Strait, southeast Alaska Had a fabulous day of diving around Inian Island today.  Hit the slack current  at “Wall of Life”... Read More »

July 18, 2008 Written by