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Guest Blog – Great Whites – Sept.7/09

September 7, 2009 Written by

David: The three B’s of great white shark diving aboard the Nautilus Explorer today….Breaching, Biting, and Burping!!! An incredible day…..I now have four girls in my life and the latest is a female great white named CHICKA!!!!!!!!!! It can’t get any better!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God for size twelve feet that keep you from completely falling outside the cage??!!!

Tom: Chicka (the great white) was a typical woman!  She wanted constant attention from us and if we looked away for a second she was right there trying to get our attention back.  And I mean RIGHT THERE.  At one point the white shark was less than a foot away from me.  I had a wide angle lens and all I got in the photo was a small portion of her head.  Thankyou Nautilus Explorer for putting Guadalupe on the itinerary.
Linda: You can’t appreciate how big these great sharks are until you see one up close and personal.  HUGE! Twice the length of the submersible cage that I WAS IN!  Guadalupe is such an amazing place.

Tom Gorman:  Today we saw the biggest great white shark we’ve seen all week.  What’s better is that this white shark spent so much more time on the surface than other sharks and kept coming back around all morning right up to the transom cages.  The visibility was amazing too.  The waters were calm and it was a relaxing, yet adventurous day topside and in the cage.  The Nautilus Explorer gives you the action, a very capable crew always smiling and always willing to help, and excellent food.



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