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We just could sit, hover and watch how the mantas stopped and slowly sank. Socorro Island, Pacific Ocean, Mexico. Jan 10, 2012.

February 4, 2012 Written by

Routine check in with the Navy base. A happy meeting and New Years hugs in between the navy guys and us. After the years here we have established a good relationship. They are also the guys that has been helping us in medical emergencies or have responded when we have reported illegal fishing activities. (Though today they just have two small pangas…)

We chose Cabo Pierce and we did not need to get out far on the lava arm until we spotted a good group of Clarion Angelfish. So we thought we would stop here and just see what happens. Well two full dives with mantas on 5-10 m 15-30 ft coming from all direction and getting cleaned by the Clarions. We just could sit and hover and watch how the mantas stopped and slowly sank and had to move to not sinking to much or stall and getting swarmed by the clarions. Over and over again. In one moment we could count 7!

It become a manta day and we did not even reach the shark cleaning station cause this was just too good! Right now we are heading to Punta Tosca to snorkel with the silkie sharks.

Surface conditions a bit windy in the morning that slowed down towards the after noon. Temp 25 C.

UW conditions Viz from 15-22 m 50-70 ft. Temp 24-26C 74-76 F.

Dive guide, Sten Johansson



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