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Divers interacting with a giant pacific manta

I can see so many smiles hidden behind those masks and regulators. Then when they get back to the boat, most of them are speechless and just want to scream and shout!!

February 20, 2015 Written by

Working as a divemaster on the Nautilus Explorer in the Socorro Islands in Mexico is pretty fantastic! As you know, you are not going to be apart of that awesome moment unless you are in the water. And of course, I get to be in the water all the time! Yes I get to see humpbacks, mantas, sharks of all sorts, eels etc etc etc. Yes, I will admit that there are moments when I am not as excited as I was that first time. I do not always appreciate the majestic beauty of what I am seeing. However, on this trip in particular, our divers seem to communicate with each other underwater more than usual. I have seen people giving each other high fives, and thumbs up. Lots of cool, rock on signals, and fist pumps. All accompanied by lots of bubbles. But by far my favourite is seeing someone give a heart sign and then point to a manta. BIG heart signals! They are hugging their dive buddies underwater and exclaiming their love for the giant mantas. I can see so many smiles hidden behind those masks and regulators. Then when they get back to the boat, most of them are speechless and just want to scream and shout!!!

“Ahhhhhhh! What I
great time!! whales! Did you see them! I did! Whales! AHHHHH!! Look!
There they are again on the surface!There are just so many of them!

It is these expressions that make me happy and again appreciate the wonders of the underwater world.



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