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Jesse wear no dive suit, so we can see him like polar bear

June 11, 2015 Written by

It’s a new chapter:

Ok! I am here again…..the dives is so hard for me because I want a easy dive life!!!!! I don’t want to make force, I want to dive like a Lady!!!!

I’m talk about Frank, Nelson, Henrique and the young GATO Jesse!!!!! Jesse wear no dive suit, so we can see him like polar bear.

So the Crew is amazing, the DM is so careful about everything..the fishes came with us all the dives….so what can i say!!!!! It’s Wonderful Very very Wonderful.

The Food!!!!! I’m get FAT so Fat. The food is so delicious. Jane is the best!
Erika, Laurentina……make me feel like Queen!!!!

We have to make funny. All the time. Blanca (the hurricane) es no bueno, but we make us fun for organize other things to do and think about other things like our own life….we don’t want to die.

I’m leaving see you guys the next TRIP, and a hope I get so Fun!!!!!!!

I Forgot some thing special the BIANCA
She’s a very Kind Gril!

Now I’m gonna talks to the every CREW, my new Friends the Boat and CAPITAN Stefan, Brydan the 1st Mate for your gentil atencion and your Staff!
I Love You All!

Beh Valerio, Jared,Bre, Kurt,David…..that’s it!

Kiss and Hugs


P. S. You guys know how to work this stuff



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