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Great white shark and divers in submersible cage

The Great White Sharks are absolutely stunning, majestic, INCREDIBLY powerful – and not even remotely terrifying.

October 22, 2015 Written by

This was our first time visiting Guadalupe Island, and my first time seeing great white sharks in the wild. In a nutshell – I am completely smitten. You just can’t be inches away from one and not fall in love when they make eye contact with you. They have eyes that are legitimately the deepest shade of indigo you’ll ever see, and so much expression behind them. They’re also a lot bigger than you realize – when they refer to an eighteen-foot female great white shark, you just don’t realize the size of a creature that big until you’re in the water with one. Absolutely stunning, majestic, INCREDIBLY powerful – and not even remotely terrifying. They’re just as curious about us as we are of them. The Nautilus Explorer team has been wonderful – they were just as excited as we were when they came to play! You are missing out if you don’t give these sharks a chance. Absolutely incredible. A giant thank you to the team of the Nautilus Explorer, they made the trip spectacular. Stefan – you’re the funniest captain I’ve ever met, that ‘stache is fabulous. Tim, Jordan – nice to run into you guys again! Looking forward to our next adventures! And Jordan – AMAAAZIIINNNGGGG DIIIVVVVEEEE!!!



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