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Sometimes it Takes a 4th Try Even Out Here

December 28, 2015 Written by

Some times it takes a 4th try even out here. Today at Roca Partida the guys in red group wanted to see one thing, Hammerheads. We splashed on the remote rock as early as 7am, ¬†had fit in 3 dives and 2 meals before 3pm that afternoon and yet no luck. We came across the usual Silky and Whitetip sharks that circle around Roca as well as a massive school of juvenile yellow fin tuna. Our 4th dive of the day was the final shot. We dropped in on the south west corner of Roca, descended to 100 ft, and started to ¬†search just off the wall of the site. 5 mins in and we finally got 1, although these Scalloped Hammerheads are usually quite skiddish and frightened away by any fast movements of divers he came in to check us out quite close. Good on this group divers of remaining fairly calm and not chasing him out into the blue. He then circled back out to his friends, for the next 15 mins we sat and watched as the 8-15 made passes by out in the blue. Just a few of a much bigger school that we weren’t fully seeing. Once all back on the skiff it was agreed that the wait was worth it, success on the final dive. Tomorrow we head back to the Giant Mantas at the infamous Boiler on San Ben.



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